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Winter Hardware

DMM Vault Wiregate

  Applying metalworking experience to a product traditionally made of plastic has enabled DMM to maximise torsional rigidity and security, creating a racking carabiner that keeps ice screws safely...

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DMM Apex Axe With Hammer

  A new, radically curved technical tool for hard icefalls and modern mixed climbing. The Apex is a superbly balanced precision tool ready to tackle steep ice, massive mountain...

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Grivel 360' Ice Screw Easy Rack

  The original 360 was a brilliant ice screw; it placed quickly, you didn't need to chop at ice to get a good placement, it was harder to drop,...

From £54.00

Grivel Air Tech New-Matic Crampon

  An evolution of the Cramp-O-Matic system which utilises the C-O-M rear bale and lever. The plastic harness system is hinged from two front posts which retain the boot...

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Petzl Dart Crampon

  Ultra-light mono-point crampons for ice climbing and dry tooling, with Leverlock Fil bindings Ultra-light mono-point crampons for ice climbing and dry tooling, with Leverlock Fil bindings. The mono-point...

On Sale from £150.00

Petzl Marteau

  Hammer for the following axes: Quark, Nomic and Ergo. The trapezoidal shape of this hammer's contact surface is specifically designed for ice climbing axes.  

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Grivel G20 Crampon

  The evolution of the modern technique of climbing ice push towards a more fluid motion, more elegant and faster, therefore it demands a crampon that makes it possible:...

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Grivel Monte Rosa Crampon

  A light-weight, universal crampon. Monte Rosa is designed to meet the classical demands of general mountaineering. It is perfect for ski touring, trekking, or for women and children...

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Grivel Tech Machine Axe

  If you want a technical, leashless axe for alpine, hard Scottish mixed or steep ice climbing, then The Tech Machine is axe to choose. The Tech Machine is...

On Sale from £200.00

Grivel G14 Crampon

  An evolution of the species. G14 crampons combine the technical performance of forged, vertical frontpoints with the low profile, collapsible frame of the G-12 to make an altogether...

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Petzl Lynx Crampon

  Modular crampon for ice and mixed climbing; Leverlock universal bindings From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the Lynx is a versatile crampon. Modular front points: dual or mono-point,...

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Grivel G10 Crampon

  An evolution of the Classic binding. Both front and rear plastic harnesses are hinged from their respective retention posts and may be "opened" to facilitate attachment to the...

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