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Screwgate Karabiners

Grivel Plume Screw Lock K3N

  A very lightweight, durable karabiner from Grivel. Coming in at only 37g and 9cm it is one of the smallest, lightest screwgate karabiners we have to offer.  


DMM Ceros

  The Ceros minimises the risk of cross loading. Easy to operate with one hand, and able to locate on the belay loop in a single movement, the Ceros is...

On Sale from £17.50

DMM Aero Screwgate

  Think of this like a more affordable version of the Shadow; the classic entry level locker biner in fact. With the Aero Offset D you get a hot...

On Sale from £8.50

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider

  Innovative HMS carabiner with automatic locking mechanism.  

On Sale from £18.00

Edelrid Pure Slider

  Pure carabiner with a locking slide gate – ideal for traverses or wandering routes.  

On Sale from £16.00

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider FG

  The combination of the HMS Strike Slider with the Strike FG. Ideal for use with all types of belay devices.  

On Sale from £20.00

DMM Aero HMS Screwgate 5-pack

  A good value, core HMS locking carabiner with massive internal rope radii that are kind to ropes. Not the lightest, but cheap, strong and does the job very...

On Sale from £39.00

Grivel K6G Twingate

  The K6g from Grivel is a pear shaped carabiner with double straight gates. Very large carabiner for belaying with Munter hitch and for rappelling, with single or double...

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On Sale from £12.00

Wild Country Ascent HMS Screwgate

  Shaving weight while maintaining rigidity this concise version of the Ascent keeps the same clean aesthetics to produce a lithe and compact biner. Shaped to maximize gate opening and...

On Sale from £14.00

DMM Rhino Screwgate

  After observing how sport climbers were modifying their belay biners with rubber bungs to prevent cross-loading with certain belay devices, DMM came up with a cleaner, simple, solution....

On Sale from £14.00

DMM Zodiac 12mm Screwgate

  With the Zodiac the aim was to produce the best possible offset D locker, specifically designed for rigging. The I-Beam construction, coupled with a chunky barrel and gate,...

On Sale from £14.00

DMM Ultra O Screwgate

  The Ultra O Screwgate could be described as the perfect aid climbing biner – it certainly performs remarkably well in the big wall environment and the I-Beam construction...

On Sale from £14.00