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The Outer Hebrides

  The guide has been written by Rab Anderson, Kevin Howett and Colin Moody, who have been driving forces in the development of the Islands, and their insight and local...


Boulder Britain

  Boulder Britain is a highly ambitious guidebook that sets out to cover all the best bouldering in England, Scotland and Wales. It is beautifully illustrated, clearly laid out and...


Scottish Sport Climbs

  This is the first definitive sport climbing guide for Scotland, written by 18 of the leading Scottish sport climbers for the SMC. The guidebook includes 1300 routes, from grades...


Shetland Climbing

  The first dedicated guidebook to the most northerly islands of the UK. From hillside granite outcrops to volcanic sea cliffs and inland gneiss boulders, Shetland offers about as varied...

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Boulder Scotland

  This third edition of the original Stone Country guide to bouldering in Scotland updates the vast geologies available to the travelling boulderer. It is a dedicated and closely edited...


Scottish Winter Climbs

  A superb full-colour guide to the finest winter climbs in Scotland. The second edition of this indispensible guidebook to winter climbing has been fully updated and expanded to detail...

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7a Max: Scottish Sport A Guide to Climbs from 2 - 7a+

  Scotland's first sport climbing guide is now in its second edition. This selected guide focusses on routes up to a grade of 7a+, which covers the majority of Scotland's...


Scottish Rock Climbs

  The long awaited companion to the SMC's successful Scottish Winter Climbs guidebook, this up to date, carefully chosen selection details over 1200 of the finest Scottish rock climbs. Neatly...

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Skye Sea Cliffs & Outcrops

  Mark Hudson is a Skye aficionado and a graphic artist whose diagrams have enhanced two editions of the popular Skye Scrambles guidebook, as well as the Ben Nevis guidebook....


Scottish Rock South (Vol. 1)

  Volume 1 of Scottish Rock covers a proliferation of Scottish crags up to the natural demarcation of the Great Glen. They are easier to access than most in Volume...


Scottish Rock North (Vol. 2)

  This is the 2nd edition of Scottish Rock: Volume 2 North, a selective rock climbing guide to over 2,400 routes in the North-West, the Far North, the Hebrides and...


Skye: The Cuillin

  This Scottish Mountaineering Club climbers' guidebook details all the summer and winter climbing to be found in the Cuillin mountains on the Isle of Skye. The Cuillin of Skye...

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