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Instruction Books and Literature

The Rock Climber's Training Manual

  The Rock Climber's Training Manual updates and expands on the renowned "Rock Prodigy" training method that has helped climbers around the globe advance through the grades. Whether new to...



  The famous Wolfgang Gullich once said: "The brain is the most important muscle for climbing." Utilising the power of your mind will make the most of your existing strength,...

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The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide

  Rock climbing is one of the most physically challenging sports, testing strength, endurance, flexibility, and stamina. Good climbers have to build and maintain each of these assets. This revised...


Training for Climbing: 3rd Edition

  Drawing on the latest climbing research, this third edition of the international best-selling Training for Climbing presents a comprehensive, evidence-based program for improving climbing performance. With the unique perspective...


How to Big Wall Climb

  How to Big Wall Climb is the first step-by-step aid climbing guide that takes you from your first step in an aider to the summit of El Capitan....


Chasing the Ephemeral

  Being in the right place at the right time is critical when Scottish Winter Climbing. This guide will help you make the right choices - do you go high...


Gimme Kraft AIR

  From the publishers of the ground breaking Gimme Kraft training regime comes Gimme Kraft Air, essential basic training for climbers. Physiotherapist Simon Friedrich offers the best training exercises to...


Gimme Kraft

  Here it is: The training book from Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb produced by the Cafe Kraft! On more than 220 pages you will find about 80 specific...


Make Or Break

  As Wolfgang Gullich said, "getting strong is easy, getting strong without getting injured is hard". Sooner or later, nearly all climbers get injured and it will be injuries that...

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Beyond Limits

  Beyond Limits is the autobiography of Steve McClure, one of the world's top rock climbers. From his childhood encounters with the sandstone outcrops of the North York Moors right...


Himalayan Climber: A Lifetime's Quest to the World's Greater Ranges

  'The photos are of the climbs that have captured my imagination, have taken me out of myself, gripped with fear, shattered with exhaustion, or filled with wonder just to...


Vertical: Life on the Steepest Faces

  Combining high quality images and written text, this illustrated book reflects upon the fascinating life of Ines Papert. The fourtime World Champion ice climber is always on the lookout...