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Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw 12cm

  The Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw set is just that, a bulletproof, robust hybrid quickdraw. A steel insert at the apex of the rope-end krab helps prevent premature wear due...

On Sale from £27.00

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider

  Innovative HMS carabiner with automatic locking mechanism.  

On Sale from £18.00

Edelrid Pure Slider

  Pure carabiner with a locking slide gate – ideal for traverses or wandering routes.  

On Sale from £16.00

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider FG

  The combination of the HMS Strike Slider with the Strike FG. Ideal for use with all types of belay devices.  

On Sale from £20.00

Grivel Captive Alpha Quickdraw

  The Alpha Captive quickdraw features a wide dyneema sling desgined for easy clipping. The sling is 22.4mm wide and is rated at 22kn.The captive carabiner is built to...

From £11.00

Mammut Wall Light Express Quickdraw

  The lightest quickdraw from Mammut® for climbers and alpinists who prefer to be „light and fast”, and who value fast, safe and comfortable handling with double ropes or gloves...

From £14.40

Wild Country Proton Quickdraw

  The Proton is Wild Country's futuristic sport climbing quickdraw, and it's one of the easiest krabs we've ever clipped. The complex hot-forged shape fits beautifully in the hand...

From £17.00

Black Diamond Solution Women's

  For long days working your project when comfort can make or break a climb, the Black Diamond Solution Harness provides unequaled comfort. Fusion Comfort Technology™ introduces three separate...

On Sale from £65.00

Black Diamond Offset Micro Stopper Set 1-6

  From aid pitches to hard, modern trad routes, the Black Diamond Offset Micro Stopper Set provides essential protection in pin scars, flaring cracks and awkward, misshaped placements. The copper/iron...

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On Sale from £80.00

Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate

  With its revolutionary, patent-pending design made possible by their in-house hot forge, the Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate eliminates the dangers of cross loading. Designed specifically for belaying, the...

On Sale from £17.00